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Why Choose Abstract Art?

If you are reading this, chances are you already have an interest in abstract art. Perhaps, you can easily appreciate abstract art in museums; but when it comes to buying abstract art, you want to be sure you are making the right decision.  If you are a person who…

  • has only begun to appreciate and understand abstract art

  • is decorating or re-decorating your home

  • wants to keep up with popular trends

  • has friends or family who think abstract art isn’t “real art because it doesn’t look like anything in particular, like landscapes or still life

  • doesn’t know how much abstract art is worth as compared to other forms of art

…and if the question “Why choose abstract art?” has no clear answer in your mind, other than “I like it”, then read on.


As you may have observed, abstract art is most frequently the choice of interior designers who decorate grand public spaces such as hotels and government buildings.  Large, abstract paintings add oomph and make a strong statement in places that would otherwise be just ho-hum or stark.  Consider that abstract art goes well in any size room and has the same  positive effect because of its attributes.   All too often, homeowners assume that any large painting will overwhelm a room.  That may be the case if the painting has a specific subject.  Sometimes a distinct image can take away from what’s already happening in your room. However, large abstract paintings  contain no subject matter so they lend interest and create mood without telling a specific story that is repeated each time you see the painting.   This is the case even when the abstract painting reminds you of something specific; we tend to project our individual moods, current interests and tastes into abstractions so that we notice or respond to different things in a painting at different times. When decorating a room, the most common error in wall decor is to clutter the wall with a hodgepodge of small pieces that do not work together to form a whole.  The wall clutter makes the room itself appear cluttered, even when it is not.  If a room is filled with furniture, knickknacks, and many small pieces of art on the walls, the result is like walking into an overly packed antique store or candle shop.  You know the feeling of standing in the shop doorway while you get your bearings in order to find your way through the maze of visual overload.  In contrast to such clutter, just a few select pieces of abstract art ranging in sizes from 24×24, 30×30, 36×36 or even 48×48, can make your room seem more spacious, clean, and alive.  If are fortunate enough to have high ceilings or tall stairwells, try a painting or two that is even larger such as 48×60.


Today’s home interiors are becoming sleeker with cleaner lines.  The younger generation of buyers are preferring contemporary furnishings and the art that goes with them.  Even the eclectic mix of ornate antiques with contemporary pieces is losing favor.  Antique stores in Europe and the U.S. are going out of business because of this trend.

Understanding the Value of Abstract Art

Don’t be fooled into believing that abstract art is meaningless or worthless.  In fact, the more that you view abstract art, the better you will become at discerning really good abstract art from commercialized abstract art sold in places like Aaron Brothers and Ross Stores.  Certainly, you will discover that abstract art is not easy to produce, as some people claim.  Quite often, highly skilled artists who spent years doing landscapes, portraits, and still life will gravitate to abstract art because of its unique challenges.

Excellent works of abstract art can be produced in a couple of hours by the practiced artist who has honed a specific technique, but keep in mind how many years of study and practice were needed to achieve that quick result.  The more you view abstract art, the more you will appreciate the nuances in certain paintings and will be drawn to paintings that reveal subtle complexities requiring days and days of the artist’s time to complete.   if the painting is strong and calls your attention when you stand back from it but holds even more interest when you are up close, it’s probably a painting you will want to buy and have in your home.

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