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Helen's Crusade, a novel, follows five main characters:  Helen, a middle-aged executive director of Wildlife Restorations, who has a personal mission to save from extinction the wild chinchillas of the Andes Mountains; Martín, a morally conflicted, Hispanic millennial who willingly betrays his boss, Helen, for the sake of his animal rights beliefs; Jim, her reliable husband who fails to meet Helen’s emotional needs; Javier, an attractive Spanish-Italian who takes advantage of Helen’s wavering marital fidelity, and Sloan, an amiable, free-spirit American living in Chile, who whisks Helen away from danger and offers her an escapist adventure with no strings attached.


Helen Wilson is living a life that is the envy of most older women: a secure marriage, an impassioned but sensible adult daughter who adores her, a meaningful job, and a home in Sacramento’s upscale neighborhood.  Helen’s busy life helps her avoid introspection that would surface a buried need to follow desires that haven’t diminished with age.   Unexpected threats and temptations cause her to look at herself through a different lens and to prefer a path that has no clear end in sight. 


Helen’s Crusade, an upmarket women’s fiction manuscript written for Boomer-age readers,

is complete at 96,712 words.


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Amazon's description: "The true story of the author's efforts to treat a young homosexual patient with several personalities captures the devastating effects of child abuse and the dedication of a doctor for her patient, despite personal and professional conflict."


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